Cobalt allows you to build unique campaigns with specific messages that can be sent to multiple email list categories. As each campaign is completed, your historical data is saved.
Cobalt tracks the history of your marketing efforts, showing total emails delivered, who opened your email, who clicked on your URL links, which list(s) were emailed and what email message was sent.
Allows you to categorize your emails by industry, product line, type or any other category you choose.
Handles HTML as well as text only emails.
Delivers statistics on the number of emails sent.
Provides Bounce Management Functionality.
Allows you to import email addresses from a text file, Outlook address book or MS Excel.
Helps you comply with all the new Federal anti spam legislation by allowing recipients to opt out from further mailings.
Keeps a master opt-out list and checks the list before sending any email.
Comes with an HTML code snipet that allows you to integrate Cobalt to your web site forms.
Personalize your email subject and body.
Create Email templates, so you can quickly and easily send your email.
Comes with an integrated HTML editor, so you can create HTML email templates.