Cobalt is a web based email marketing software that sends personalized HTML emails to your mailing lists for direct email campaigns and marketing. You can easily create email newsletters, single blasts and more!

Cobalt helps you stay in contact with your prospects & customers, send newsletters, product updates, sales promotions and much more! It also allows you to categorize your emails. You can import email addresses by industry, product line, type or any other category you choose. It's unlimited!

Cobalt delivers statistics on the number of emails sent and is capable of automated bounce and opt-out processing. Cobalt comes with powerful campaign tracking showing exactly WHO opened your emails and WHO clicked on the URL links in your message.

Cobalt complies with all the new Federal anti spam legislation by allowing recipients to opt out from further mailings. In addition, it keeps a master opt-out list and checks the list before sending any email. So should an email get added back into the system, they still would not receive unwanted email. Simply deleting emails would not accomplish this and could lead to a violation of the new law.